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CAS号 59669-26-0
英文名 Thiodicarb
通用名 硫双威

分子量 354.47
结构式 硫双威
理化性质 熔点: 168-172°C
剂型 95%TC 80%WDG。
毒性 大鼠急性经口LD50 66mg (水中)/kg、120 mg (玉米油中) /kg,狗>800 mg/kg,猴 >467 mg/kg。兔急性经皮LD50 >2000 mg/kg,对兔眼和皮肤有轻微刺激。大鼠急性吸入LC50 (4 h) 0.32 mg/l 空气。2年饲喂试验无作用剂量:大鼠3.75 mg/kg天、小鼠5.0 mg/kg天。日本鹌鹑急性经口LD50 2023 mg
包装 25kg纸板桶。
性状描述 无色晶体,原药为浅棕褐色晶体,熔点173-174℃,蒸气压5.7mPa(20℃), 密度1.44g/ml(20℃),溶解度水35mg/L(25℃),二氯甲烷150,丙酮8,甲醇5, 二甲苯3(g/kg,25℃),pH6稳定,pH9很快水解,pH3缓慢水解(DT50约9天), 其水悬液在日光下分解。60℃以下稳定。Composition:Tech. grade is 96% pure.Form:Colourless crystals; (tech., pale tan crystals). M.p.: 173-174 ℃ B.p.: V.p.: 5.7 mPa (20 ℃) Henry: S.g./density: 1.44 g/ml (20 ℃) Solubility: In water 35 mg/l (25 ℃). In dichloromethane 150, acetone 8, methanol 5, xylene 3 (all in g/kg, 25 ℃).Stability: Stable at pH 6, rapidly hydrolysed at pH 9 and slowly at pH 3 (DT50 c. 9 d). Aqueous suspensions are decomposed by sunlight. Stable up to 60 ℃. F.p.:

毒 理 学 性 质
LD50/LC50 急性经口:66mg/kg;急性经皮:>2000mg/kg(兔)。Oral: Acute oral LD50 for rats 66 (in water), 120 (in corn oil), dogs >800, monkeys >467 mg/kg.Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50: for rabbits >2000 mg/kg; slightly irritating to their eyes and skin. Inhalation: (4 h) for rats 0.32 mg/l air.Birds: Acute oral LD50 for Japanese quail 2023 mg/kg. Dietary LC50 for mallard duck 5620 mg/kg diet.Fish: LC50 (96 h) for bluegill sunfish 1.21, rainbow trout 2.55 mg/l.Bees: Moderately toxic to bees exposed to direct spray. No hazard to honeybees after spray residues have dried.Daphnia: LC50 (48 h) 0.053 mg/l.Algae: Worms: Other aquatic spp.:
NOEL (2 y) for rats 3.75, mice 5.0 mg/kg daily.
ADI (JMPR) 0.03 mg/kg b.w. [1986].
RfD ▲
Acute RfD ▲
是否致癌物 ×
是否基因致癌物 ×
其他毒理学性质 中等毒。Toxicity class EPA(formulation): II 

其 他 信 息
类别 杀虫剂
作用 Biochemistry: Cholinesterase inhibitor. Mode of action: Insecticide with predominantly stomach action, but also limited contact action. As a seed treatment, rapidly translocated systemically through the plant. Molluscicide which provokes paralysis and death. Uses: Control of all stages of major Lepidoptera and Coleoptera pests and some Hemiptera and Diptera on cotton, soya beans, maize, vines, fruit, vegetables, and many other crops at 200-1000 g/ha; seed treatment rates are 2500-10 000 g/tonne. Also used as a molluscicide for control of slugs in cereals and oilseed rape. Phytotoxicity: Compatibility: Incompatible with acidic and alkaline substances, certain heavy-metal oxides, and salts of certain fungicides such as maneb, mancozeb (except WP formulations), cuprammonium carbonate, or Bordeaux mixtures. Not miscible with vegetable oil diluents.
作用特点 抑制昆虫体内的胆碱酯酶,使昆虫致死。但这是一种可逆性抑制,如果昆虫 不中毒死亡,酶可以脱氨基甲酰化而恢复。
代谢情况 Animals: In rats, rapidly degraded to methomyl, which was rapidly converted to methomyl methylol, oxime, sulfoxide and sulfoxide oxime. These unstable intermediates were converted to acetonitrile and CO2, which were eliminated primarily by respiration and in the urine; a small fraction of acetonitrile was further degraded to acetamide, acetic acid and CO2 (K. Huhtanen & H. W. Dorough, Pestic. Biochem. Physiol., 1976, 6, 571-583). Plants: Major metabolites include thiodicarb methomyl, acetonitrile and CO2. Soil/environment: Rapidly degraded in soils of various types, under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, by hydrolysis and photolysis. The primary degradation products are methomyl and methomyl oxime. DT50 of thiodicarb in soil is 3-8 d, depending upon the soil type.

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